Mangoes & Mojitos is Moving!



Hello Gorgeous!

Mangoes and Mojitos has moved on over to The Little Blue Apron and I’m so excited!  It’s a new chapter and I have lots of stories yet to tell you from my little table in the Midwest.  Many more ideas to offer when it comes to using as few ingredients as possible when creating an honest meal — meals typical of what our grandmothers fed us — when “artisan” simply meant “with our own two hands.”

I hope my writing inspires you to feed yourself and the ones you love.  To take time to sit at the table and “simmer down” with each other when you can.  I hope my words bring you home.

Keeping this blog for the past three years, getting to know all of you has been such fun!  The party continues over at The Little Blue Apron!

Come with me and I’ll make you a little something to eat!

With Love,






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